American History Foundations: Let Freedom Ring

This wiki is for participating teachers/students to showcase their work in connection with a Teaching American History grant.

The projects here are focused on specific curriculum topics related to five common history themes:

  • Foundations of Freedom
  • Reaction of American Culture
  • Conflict and Compromise
  • Political and Social Movements
  • America on the World Stage.

Each theme has it's own page and the topics that relate to it are organized with that page.

Let the learning begin!

Note for students:

Please keep in mind that this is a school project. You must be respectful and considerate at all times. The work that has been posted here has taken many hours. You only have permission to change the work you and your group have created together.

Please also remember that we must follow careful safety rules about not giving out personal information. This includes using first names only.

This site has a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. That means you are free to share the information and remix the information for another site. But you must give credit to the creator. It also means that anything you post on the site has to be free to be used.
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